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Salem Witches – An Overview

Salem witches are anti-conventionalist, pro-empowerment, and embrace spiritual…

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What is Neo Druidism? Druid Ancestry, Magick, and Celtic History

Neo Druidism is oft touted as a Magickal tradition that's older than most. How did an ancient spiritual order shape the western world?


Thelema – What is Thelema, History, Holy Books, Symbols, Tarot & More!

What is Thelema? This religion, created by Aleister Crowley offers Magick for all. Learn about Thelema's history, holy books, and more!


Hermes Trismegistus – Hermes God, Greek God, Symbol, Mythology, and History

Among western Philosophers, Magicians and Scientists, none cast so long a shadow as the legendary figure of Hermes Trismegistus. Learn more!

Twisted Salem Sticker

Stickers rock! We've added Twisted Salem stickers to our Streamlabs store for the premiere of Salem's Ghosts: The Lynn Lady.  These beauties are 3"x3" and…


Salem’s Ghosts: The Lynn Lady

Salem’s Ghosts is a terrifying audio drama that combines the horrific history of 1692's Salem with the specters that still haunt the city.

The Sun Will Return – Winter Solstice Acrylic Pour Painting Tutorial

This Sun Will Return Acrylic Pour Painting tutorial creates a solar motif using an intuitive painting technique. Learn how to do it yourself!


Salem DIY Christmas and Yule Ornament – The Salem Witch Museum!

An ode to the Salem Witch Museum! This DIY Christmas & Yule Ornament celebrates Salem's thrills by recreating an iconic landmark. Learn how!


Useful Magick with Jessi Huntenburg – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 7

World-renowned Occultist, Writer, CEO, and Environmentalist Travis McHenry and I talk about the Esoteric, Artistry, and much more.


The Future is Esoteric with Travis McHenry – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 6

World-renowned Occultist, Writer, CEO, and Environmentalist Travis McHenry and I talk about the Esoteric, Artistry, and much more.


I’ve Started Doing Ritual Magick | Here’s What Happening

After years of reading and wandering, I've finally found a way of thinking about ritual magick that seems both workable and useful to me. I've started…


The Ultimate Salem Tourist Episode with Ron Martin – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 5

This chat with Ron Martin is just two Salem Massachusetts nerds geeking out. If you love or are interested in the Witch City, check this out.



Imagine a secluded society on the top of a distant mountain. The people there surround themselves with ramshackle temples and hand-made talismans of the…


Tensions in Salem with Rory O’Brien – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 4

What's it like to be a tour guide and fiction author in Salem, Massachusetts? Today I ask Rory O'Brien these and many more questions.


Dianic Wicca

Ever wondered what a hyper-feminist version of Witchcraft might look like? The answer is Dianic Wicca. Learn all about it here!


The Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn

Have you ever wondered where The Golden Dawn came from? Or how about what other occult schools it spawned? In this article, you'll learn all there is to know…


Modern Wicca with Thorn Mooney – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 3

Thorn Mooney is among the most fascinating Wiccans I’ve come across. Today, we chat about the convergence between modern life and Wicca.


What Is Wicca? An Introduction to the World’s Most Popular Form of Witchcraft

The ideas that shape modern witchcraft are centuries old. But what is Wicca and how is it different from other forms of neo-paganism?


Pentagram Witchcraft and Magick Shoppe

Pentagram Witchcraft and Magick Shoppe opened in October, 2020. Is there much here to distinguish it from other Salem Witch Shops?

The Real Tituba - Part Two - Players in The Salem Witch Trials 02

The Salem Witch Trials | Tituba

Tituba is one of the most misunderstood people connected to the Salem Witch Trials. In this series of videos, I explore Tituba's entire life.


The Salem Witch Trials Memorial

The official Salem Witch Trials Memorial is one of the more somber and contemplative monuments in the Salem Ma. Here's what you need to know.


Die With Your Boots On

Everything you need to know about Die With Your Boots On in a short video. Location, hours, prices, merchandise, local authors, and more!


The Peabody Essex Museum

Everything you need to know about The Peabody Essex Museum (PEM) in a short read. Tours, location, price, hours, tickets, and more!


What is Traditional Witchcraft: An Introduction

The word “fairy” harkens images of dainty creatures with gossamer wings. But faeries associated with Celtic Witchcraft and Wicca are far more than that.


Fae, Faeries & Wicca with Morgan Daimler – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 02

This chat with Morgan Daimler explores fairies as mythological and spiritual figures, specifically in Wicca. Morgan and I also chat Irish myths and more.


Introduction to Faery & Celtic Witchcraft

The word “fairy” harkens images of dainty creatures with gossamer wings. But the faeries of Celtic Witchcraft & Wicca are far more than that.


The State of Horror with Author J.W. Ocker – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 01

The first episode of the Weekly Witch features an interview with J.W. Ocker, who is an emergent voice in travel nonfiction and horror fiction. Our conversation…


Artemisia Botanicals

Salem's widest variety of herbs can be found at Artemisia Botanicals. Here you'll find the store's history, tarot readings, and reviews.


Halloween 2020 – Will It Happen in Salem Massachusetts

Will we see a Salem Massachusetts Halloween in 2020? Here's everything we know thus far about the Haunted Happenings (or lack thereof) celebration.


The Salem Witch Trials | Bridget Bishop

Bridget Bishop has been relegated to the set of familiar names connected to The Salem Witch Trials, but few know her story. Today, I'd like to change that.


Should You Visit Salem MA | Is Salem Massachusetts Worth Visiting?

Salem, Massachusetts is way more than witches and Halloween. Here are the best reasons why you should visit Salem MA, even if you've been multiple times.


The Clipper Ship Inn

The Clipper Ship Inn is one of the most affordable places to stay in Salem Massachusetts. Discover the location, rates, & staying in October!


Wylie Inn and Conference Center

If you're looking for a large, conference-style place to stay in Salem Ma, the Wylie Inn and Conference Center might be the perfect fit.


Fidelia Bridges Guest House

Everything you need to know about the Fidelia Bridges Guest House in a short video. Location, history, overnight packages, staying in October, and more!


Witchcraft in West Virginia

The history of witchcraft in West Virginia is fascinating. In this article we explore it from the early days of the state all the way to the modern era.


The Salem Inn

Want a slice of the Witch City, but also spend the night in a peaceful and serene location? You definitely have to check out The Salem Inn.


What is Alchemy?

What is alchemy? Many people are familiar with the concept of turning lead into gold. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.


The Merchant

The Merchant was one of the early all-brick structures in Salem. But this little hotel rests on land with quite a bit of haunted history as well.


Proctor’s Ledge Memorial

After centuries of speculation, the Salem Witch Trials' execution spot is memorialized. Here's everything about Proctor's Ledge Memorial.


Crow Haven Corner

Crow Haven Corner is one of the most famous and important witch shops in the United States. Learn all about its history, merch, and more here!


1692 Salem Jail

Where were the accused witches in the Salem Witch Trials actually held? Here's everything to know about the Salem Jail of 1692.


1692 Salem Courthouse

While the 1692 Salem Courthouse is no longer standing, it's grim legacy endures. Read about its location, history, and more here.


Gardner-Pingree House

The Garner-Pingree house is the site of one of Salem's most infamous murders. Find out all there is to know about this still-standing marvel.


Does the Salem Dispensary Sell to Tourists?

Witches aren't the only thing in Salem, Massachusetts. Marijuana is legal there, but can tourists purchase at a Salem dispensary? Find all the info here!

bunghole liquors-salem-massachusetts

Bunghole Liquors

Bunghole Liquors is easily the most fascinating liquor store in Salem Massachusetts. Learn about its haunted and bootlegging history here.

Mercy Tavern

Everything you need to know about Mercy Tavern in a short video. Location, hours, history, menu, drinks, merchandise, and more!


Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel is one of the most storied, haunted places to stay in Salem MA. Find out more about its past, rates, staying in October, and more!


Wicked Good Books

Wicked Good Books in Salem took over from a similar shop before it. It also happens to be built on top of haunted tunnels. Learn more here!

How Salem Became Halloween Central – Part Three

The conclusion to our series on how Salem became Halloween-central! In this Salem Halloween video, we begin in the 1970's and wind our way to the present.

salem halloween central part two

How Salem Became Halloween Central – Part Two

It's the Rise of the Witch City. Explore the pivotal impact of the 1970's on Halloween in Salem. Were real witches responsible?

Pyramid Books Salem

Pyramid Books Salem

Pyramid Books Salem is a bit of an odd duck as these sorts of shops go. Beneath its somewhat random flow, there might just be something worth checking out.

Salem Waterfront Hotel and Suites

Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites

The Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites is one of the more popular popular places to stay in Salem, especially in October. Is it a good spot for your stay?

how salem became halloween central

How Salem Became Halloween Central – Part One

Salem Massachusetts is the place to be for Halloween in the United States. But how did that happened? I find answers in this series.

Vampfangs salem ma massachusetts


Vampfangs offers clothes, mementos, incense and, yes, fangs right in downtown Salem Massachusetts. Here's what you'll find inside.

Omen Psychic Parlor and Witchcraft Emporium Psychic Reading Tarot Decks

Omen Salem Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

Omen Psychic Parlor is one of many Salem Massachusetts witch shops. Does anything set this one apart? Is it worth your visit? Let's find out.

the real tituba part one to- alem

The Real Tituba – Part One

Who was Tituba? She's been presented as the victim, anecdotal player, and trickster of the Salem Witch Trials. But the truth is far more interesting!


Salem Tarot Card Reading – Where Do I Go?

Looking for the perfect place to get your Salem tarot card reading? Take our quiz to find the perfect spot for your witchy good time!

Bit Bar Salem Massachusetts Salem Ma Restaurants

Bit Bar Salem

Bit Bar Salem is a non-witchy, isolated establishment offering retro arcade fun and a varied drink menu. Is it worth the trip during your Salem visit?

Maria's Sweet Somethings Salem Massachusetts

Maria’s Sweet Somethings

Maria's Sweet Somethings in Salem Massachusetts is a tourist staple. This is owed in large part to its central location and unique, tourist-friendly design. 

Hotel Salem Massachusetts Hotels In Salem Ma

The Hotel Salem

The Hotel Salem is a boutique 3-star hotel right in the middle of downtown Salem Massachusetts. Does it live up to its glamorous hype?

to salem ma halloween 2018 restaurant picks

Salem Ma Restaurants – Halloween Picks

Wondering where to eat in Salem this Halloween? Here are a few of the Salem Ma restaurants I love to hit up whenever I'm in the Witch City.

salem wax museum

Salem Wax Museum

The Salem Wax Museum is one of the venerable attractions featured in Salem Witch Village. Is it worth the ticket cost? Read here to find out!

lobster shanty salem ma

The Lobster Shanty

The Lobster Shanty is one of Salem's premiere downtown restaurants. Learn everything you need to know about this well-established locale.


Salem Trolley Tour

The Salem Trolley Tour is perhaps the best way to see Salem if you’re in a hurry or new to The Witch City. In just one hour, The Salem Trolley Tour visits…

5 Insane Causes of The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials – 5 Insane Theories on Its Causes

What actually caused the Salem Witch Trials? We're going to answer that question with our five-part series on some of the crazier theories our there.

town of salem massachusetts visitor center

Salem Regional Visitor Center

The Salem Regional Visitor Center is often the first stop for many seasonal tourists. Learn more about it here!

where do i go first in salem massachusetts

Salem Massachusetts – Where Do I Go First?

Salem Massachusetts is always fascinating, but can be a bit overwhelming. Here's a guide to point you in the right direction.

things to do in Salem MA

Top 5 Things to Do in Salem Massachusetts

Whether you've been to the Witch City or not, this list of the Top 5 Things to Do in Salem Massachusetts is sure to get you spooky!


Salem’s Ghosts: A Salem Witch Trials Paranormal Audio Drama

Salem’s Ghosts is a terrifying audio drama that combines the horrific history of 1692's Salem with the specters that still haunt the city.