Five Insane Causes of The Salem Witch Trials

What caused The Salem Witch Trials? In today’s episode, we’re examining five insane theories that attempt to answer that very question. Some are ludicrous, other’s not so much. Check out for all things Salem Witch Trials. And have a look at my YouTube page for the accompanying visuals to this episode. Enjoy! Full Transcript […]

Top 5 Things to Do in Salem Massachusetts

Check out or latest Podcast episode! Today we’re covering the top 5 things to do in Salem Massachusetts. Check out the full transcript below. Full Podcast Episode Transcript: This was the recording transcript so things might’ve changed a bit between the recording and publishing. Today we’re having a look at everyone’s favorite weird town: Salem, […]

Bewitched and Salem

In Episode 2 of the To Salem podcast we jump into the odd connection between a little sitcom from the 1960’s, Bewitched and Salem Massachusetts. Even many of those who have been to Salem don’t realize that a huge part of the reason why transitioned to Halloween-Central, USA is owed to Bewitched. Our host dives in deep […]

The Salem Witch Museum

Our inaugural episode of the To Salem Podcast features more information and commentary on the Salem Witch Museum. Host Proctor’s Hedge talks about his experiences in this venerable Salam Massachusetts landmark. He also discusses some of the history surrounding the museum and Salem in general.