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Affiliate Disclosure

As a fan/lover/general weirdo about Salem, Massachusetts, it’s  only natural that I would interact with several businesses and business owners both inside and outside of The Witch City.

If I endorse a product, service, or business on, you can bet it’s one I’ve personally used or researched like crazy. So, you can rest assured that I believe it to be of the highest and best interest to the site’s visitors.

Please know that, in some cases, I have formed an affiliate partnership with whatever person/company produces/manufactures/offers said product or service.

To boil it down, I will receive compensation for some of my referrals and recommendations.

But, I also introduce/review products, services, and businesses from which I receive zero compensation – of any kind. I will also be forthcoming with products, services, and businesses that don’t live up to their reputation(s).

If you’ve got any questions about my affiliate disclosure or would like to discuss a potential partnership, please get in touch and we can discuss it further.