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Metaphysics is a profound branch of philosophy that delves into the fundamental nature of reality, existence, and the relationships between various aspects of our world. It encompasses an extensive range of topics, including the exploration of the metaphysical realm, the distinction between metaphysics and epistemology, metaphysical properties, symbols, and the intricate connection between the metaphysical and the spiritual. 


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Is Witchcraft Real?

Is Witchcraft Real? As the chilling October winds begin their approach and the length of the days shortens, our collective cultural eyes once again turn

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I’ve Started Doing Ritual Magick | Here’s What Happening

After years of reading and wandering, I’ve finally found a way of thinking about ritual magick that seems both workable and useful to me. I’ve started practicing and things are already changing. So I decided to turn the camera on and record what’s happening and what I think about it.

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