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ToSalem celebrates Witchcraft, Halloween, and of course, Salem, Massachusetts. Here, you’ll find the coolest attractions, the hottest restaurants, deep dives into the Salem Witch Trials, information on Metaphysics and so much more. Check out the areas below to get started. Stay weird, witches!


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Salem, Mass

Witch City, USA has so much to offer its million annual visitors. Some of the coolest Witch Shops, Places to Stay, and Psychics are in Salem, Massachusetts. But, if you’re not familiar with this seaside town, figuring out where and how to get started can be a bit overwhelming. ToSalem is here to help! Check out the posts and pages below to get familiar with everything worth knowing about Salem, Massachusetts.

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Halloween in Salem
Salem Joel

The Salem Witch Trials Memorial

The official Salem Witch Trials Memorial is one of the more somber and contemplative monuments in the Salem Ma. Here’s what you need to know.

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Salem Clothing Stores
Salem Joel

Die With Your Boots On

Everything you need to know about Die With Your Boots On in a short video. Location, hours, prices, merchandise, local authors, and more!

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Like any admirer or practitioner of Witchcraft, my interest in Neo-Paganism spread outward to the Esoteric and Metaphysics broadly. What is Metaphysics? It’s defined as, “The branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.” Pretty broad, right? Don’t worry, there are tons of subjects and articles here to help you get familiar with all things Metaphysical.

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Salem Joel

I’ve Started Doing Ritual Magick | Here’s What Happening

After years of reading and wandering, I’ve finally found a way of thinking about ritual magick that seems both workable and useful to me. I’ve started practicing and things are already changing. So I decided to turn the camera on and record what’s happening and what I think about it.

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Alchemy - What Is Alchemy, Symbols, Definition, and More!
Leah Goldberg

What is Alchemy?

What is alchemy? Many people are familiar with the concept of turning lead into gold. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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The Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials undoubtedly did more to define Salem, Massachusetts than anything else in the town’s history. While comparatively short (we’re really only talking about a year), the Trials and their horrors left an indelible mark on the entire North Shore region. Without the Trials, there is no Witch City. Start below to learn all about the Salem Witch Trials, from broad timelines to deep dives on all the key players and everything in-between.

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The Real Tituba - Part Two - Players in The Salem Witch Trials 02
Salem Witch Trials History - Locations, Dates, Players, Victims, Accusers, and Judges
Salem Joel

The Salem Witch Trials | Tituba

Tituba is one of the most misunderstood people connected to the Salem Witch Trials. In this series of videos, I explore Tituba’s entire life.

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Salem Witch Trials History - Locations, Dates, Players, Victims, Accusers, and Judges
Salem Joel

The Salem Witch Trials | Bridget Bishop

Bridget Bishop has been relegated to the set of familiar names connected to The Salem Witch Trials, but few know her story. Today, I’d like to change that.

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the real tituba part one to- alem
Salem Witch Trials History - Locations, Dates, Players, Victims, Accusers, and Judges
Salem Joel

The Real Tituba – Part One

Who was Tituba? She’s been presented as the victim, anecdotal player, and trickster of the Salem Witch Trials. But the truth is far more interesting!

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In the 1970’s a Witch named Laurie Cabot moved to Salem, Massachusetts. This is notable for a variety of reasons, one of which is that Cabot opened the first Witch Shop in Salem. This, along with a few other key events, helped change Salem’s perception of its own history. It also established a home for contemporary Wiccans, Witches, and other Neopagans in Salem. Since Salem and Witchcraft are so linked, it should be no surprise that I am absolutely fascinated with all things Witchy. Explore all the dark things your little Pagan heart desires below.

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Eleanora Hristova


Imagine a secluded society on the top of a distant mountain. The people there surround themselves with ramshackle temples and hand-made talismans of the Goddess, crafted over many years by several calloused hands. Imagine these followers thrive emotionally, spiritually, and psychically deep in the heart of nature. They sing devotional chants and dance a waltz of cosmic bliss, enshrouded in an ecological paradise. These are the followers of Feraferia.

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About half of Salem’s annual visitors come during the month of October. This has led Salem to be the United States destination to be on October 31st. Learn about all the Salem goings-on during everyone’s favorite night of the year here.

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