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Hex Old World Witchery


Salem, Massachusetts, known for its rich history of witchcraft and mysticism, is home to an enchanting retail store called Hex. Nestled in the heart of this bewitching town, Hex offers a unique shopping experience that celebrates the occult, magic, and spiritual realm.

With its curated collection of mystical artifacts, spellcasting supplies, and knowledgeable staff, Hex has become a haven for both locals and tourists seeking to explore the intriguing world of witchcraft and metaphysics.

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History of Hex Old World Witchery

Owned by Christian Day and Brian Cain, the store is an Old World Witchery with a continental vibe. Hence, this edgy witchcraft shop is perfect for both the ones who still believe in magic and the curious.

What’s Inside Hex Salem MA?

Upon stepping into Hex, visitors are instantly transported into a captivating world of wonder and enchantment. The store’s interior exudes a mysterious aura, with dim lighting, rustic wooden shelves adorned with spellbooks and crystals, and the scent of incense wafting through the air. The carefully chosen decor, including pentagrams, tarot cards, and cauldrons, creates an ambiance that encourages exploration and discovery.

Inside Hex Old World Witchery, guests find a broad selection of magical wares and ritual tools. From handmade candles and real love potions to Voodoo dolls made by true practitioners, the owners offer something for every kind of person. The coolest thing regarding the store’s merchandise is that a lot of products are one of a kind and can be found exclusively at Hex.

Salem Tarot Readings at Hex Old World Witchery

Apart from the merchandise, Hex Old World Witchery also offers tarot readings. For those who believe in the intuitive gifts of others, the readings offered by the staff will definitely be mind-blowing. You can book a reading on their website and you’ll have to choose one from the following:

  • 15 Minute In-Person Psychic (for $40)
  • 30 Minute In-Person Psychic, Mediumship, or Couples (for $75).


Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff at Hex Old World Witchery

One of the highlights of visiting Hex is the warm and welcoming staff. The employees at Hex possess a deep understanding of metaphysics, witchcraft, and spirituality. They are more than willing to share their knowledge, recommend suitable products, and answer any questions visitors may have. Their passion for the subject matter shines through, making the shopping experience at Hex educational and engaging.

Hex Old World Witchery takes great care in fostering an environment that respects the craft and honors its roots. The store promotes responsible and ethical practices, encouraging visitors to approach magic with reverence and mindfulness. They even feature an altar in the store where guests can honor their dead any time of year.


Hex Old World Witchery Reviews

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My best friend had recommended Hex around Halloween time a few years ago as a place to get magical items. Before this visit I had only purchased through Hex through the online store. We purchased some of the spell kits and have always loved the packaging as well as the magic that comes with it. I wanted to make sure that I came to Hex when stopping in Salem on my birthday because I have very real experiences with the items I have purchased from here! I highly recommend the witches spell candles as well as the spell kits...
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Standard salem shop. Overpriced,marketed spiritual items. A bit cartoony for me,but the people who run the place are very kind and informative.
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Worst experience ever!! I was beyond disappointed as both myself and my girlfriend were in search of a reading. I have been to a medium on a few occasions and know a bit of what to expect. This women was all over the place not once connecting anything together. She is a big phony as far as I’m concerned and it cost me $70 non refundable. My girlfriend had the exact same experience as I did. Please DO NOT waste your money!!!

Hex Hours of Operation

You can stop by at Hex from Sunday to Friday (11 AM – 7 PM) and Saturday (11 AM – 8 PM).

Hex Location

Address: 246 Essex Street, Salem, MA 

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