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Calling All Witchy Writers!!!


We’re so thrilled that you’re considering writing for ToSalem! As a multimedia brand, you have a few options at your disposal, but all essentially follow the same set of guidelines. Right now, we’re actively looking for:


Site Content of 1000 words plus

YouTube Content of varying lengths

Narrative Content of varying lengths


Generally, the topics we explore topically are below, though this is certainly not an exhaustive list. If you’ve got something in the ballpark of these, feel free to submit via the form at the end for consideration. We try to review each proposal within one calendar week of receiving it.

  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • The Salem Witch Trials
  • Early American History
  • Halloween
  • Witchcraft
  • Neopantheism
  • Paganism
  • The Occult
  • The Paranormal
  • Magic/Magick
  • Western Esotericism


Guidelines for All Areas

The following guidelines apply regardless of which area you are interested in pursuing. ToSalem is a brand that prides itself on well-crafted, researched, honestly engaged content. So, while we may cover some pretty out-there stuff, we always attempt to engage, educate, and entertain in an authentic, non-manipulative way. We are not driving our content into the creative ground for the sake of likes and views. Instead, we attempt to speak to the curious, the enchanted, and the wanderers of the world. That’s why the site exists in the first place. While no areas are strictly off-limits, the one cardinal sin you as a contributor can make is approaching the work you submit here from a cookie-cutter, non-invested perspective. We care deeply about the topics we cover and so should you.


We tend not to curse in our content, excluding YouTube, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. If you can justify it well, it can stay. But consider its approval a rarity. All published content is released at the discretion of the editors. They have the final work on what’s released and what isn’t. How exactly this works depends on the platform. Our tone is spooky, witchy, historical, passionate, and engaged. You should love the things you’re writing for us and we should be able to feel your excitement and passion dripping off of every word. We also tend to give preference to writers who are well-versed in SEO and optimized their content for search visibility.


All rights to the content and its distribution are ours following publishing. Your name (or chosen name) will be published alongside the content and, if writing site content, you’ll be given a writer page that houses all of your published pieces. You may share your content however you choose and well will most likely do the same. No content printed here may be reprinted anywhere else, apart from a three-to-seven-sentence summary on social profiles for promotion. All content submitted or published on ToSalem platforms must be original content.


Finally, in terms of audience, if you’re writing to the areas above, chances are you understand the audience quite well. We also leave plenty of room for each contributor to have their own voice. So, speak to what appeals to you in your chosen area and you’ll do fine.


Guidelines for Site Content

We are currently accepting submissions for both blog-style content and landing pages. The key differences are:

  • Blog Style:
    • Unpaid/Purely for Author Promotion
    • Covers Opinion Pieces, News, Entertainment, Etc.
    • Contributors Pitch Their Own Topics
    • Less Researched, More Personality
    • Welcome to All Writers, Regardless of Experience
    • 750+ Words
  • Landing Pages:
    • Paid based on Word Count (Submit for Rates)
    • Writers Select from a Range of Possible Topics
    • Meant for Experienced Writers (Or Really Good Ones)
    • Highly Researched
    • Expect More Thorough Editing
    • 1000+ Words


If submitting for Landing Page content, simply write, “Landing Page” in the “Proposed Title/Topic” area of the field below. You may submit for both if you’d like. Submissions will take place via a Google Doc area that the editor will grant access to, once the writer begins crafting their piece. Edits will take place in that same area. Editors will publish the piece on the website. The footer of each piece will contain an author bio section that can include an image, name and brief description with hyperlinks to social profiles. This information is also on the Contributor’s page.


Guidelines for YouTube Content

We are currently seeking writer submissions for YouTube content as well. At the moment, pay for YouTube content is on a case-by-case basis. If you have requirements for payment, include that in the “Notes” section of your submission.


Guidelines for Narrative Content

We have recently begun moving into fictional content, specifically audioseries and audiodramas. If you are writing Horror, Paranormal, Witchcraft, Halloween, or other similar content and would like to discuss the possibility of ToSalem producing that content, enter “Narrative Content” in the “Proposed Title/Topic” area below. All terms for narrative content are on a case-by-case basis.



Submit Your Content Below

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