Five Haunted Salem Destinations

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Today we’re diving into the deep end with a thorough overview of Salem’s haunted past. In this video, you’ll get a once-over on a wide range of haunted Salem history from such eras as:

Is Salem Haunted?

What I really love about Salem is that it’s a place that keeps giving. The more you look, the more you see in the Witch City. And the haunted history of Salem Massachusetts is no different. So it should be no surprise that what began as a somewhat idle curiosity about the haunted history of the Witch City should evolve into a weeks-long affair.

What really surprised me is that The Salem Witch Trials has almost nothing to do with the supposed ghosts that roam the brick-lined streets. Only a handful of the specters floating about had anything to do with that storied era in 1692.

It’s for this reason that I actually think Salem’s haunted history is actually a really good pathway into the town’s history in general (by the way, that last link leads to what I consider to be the definitive online source on Salem’s past and present, so click it if you’re interested).

Old Burying Point Cemetery
Old Burying Point Cemetery

Skimming the Surface

The thing that initially drew me to Salem is still true for me today. Namely, you can feel the history of the place in every alleyway, on ever shore. And I’m not just talking Witch Trials here either. While I was somewhat surprised to find that Salem’s haunted past goes as deep as it does (believe it or not, this 18 minute video is really just skimming the surface), I wasn’t surprised that it existed necessarily. It seems all of Salem is like this: you think it’s one thing and it turns out to be another entirely.

So, is Salem haunted? Yes. Haunted by ghosts? Well, that’s another conversation altogether. Stay weird, witches!

Old Town Hall

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