The Salem Witch Trials – 5 Insane Theories on Its Causes

Today we’re beginning a five-part investigation on the Salem Witch Trials. We’re going to examine five insane theories as to what actually caused the executions of some 20 people. Some of these theories are true, while others fall pretty short.

salem witch trials

How the Series Works

It turns out that doing a deep dive into the Salem Witch Trials is kind of an exhaustive affair, so we’ve broke this series up into five super short, easy-to-digest videos that will each examine a different theory or set of theories. We begin with a question that is sadly underrepresented in the conversation surrounding the Salem Witch Trials. Was there any actual witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts?

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The answer is somewhat surprising. There was totally witchcraft in 1692’s Salem and it was directly responsible for the Trials! In Part One, we explore the real-world witchy events that led to the prosecutions. Parts Two through Five each examine a separate theory relating to The Salem Witch Trials, so be sure to watch the entire series. It’s all set into a single playlist, so you can bounce back and forth between videos.

More Salem!!!

If you enjoy learning about the Salem Witch Trials, please check out our YouTube channel. We’re also implementing several new features here at to help you discover all the great content we’ve got to offer. As a part of this effort, going forward full reference materials are available for each video or article here on the site so you can see where we’re getting our information. You can find the link to the series’ reference materials in the video description on its YouTube page.

The Salem Witch Trials are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s incredible about the Witch City. Pirates, literary geniuses, and presidents are each woven into Salem’s historical and cultural fabric. That’s why we’ve launched our Things To Do in Salem page. Here, you’ll find information on restaurants, attractions, hotels, tours, and all other things witchy. Please stop by and have a gander. There are also many other incredible things in the works here, so stay tuned!

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