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Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery


Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is a Salem Massachusetts attraction that has enjoyed considerable fame in its decade-long operation. This is at least partially due to the museum’s featured attractions: horror movie monsters!

If you’ve visited any of Salem’s attractions, you’ll likely feel a breath of fresh air at the change in tone. It’s still dark and spooky, like the Salem Witch Museum for instance. But, here be no witches (unless you count Anjelica Houston).



New Location

After more than ten years in operation, the Gallery moved locations in 2018. They packed up their Freddy Krueger, Pennywise the Clown, Dracula, and Wolfman displays and jaunted from a place near the wharf to the middle of the action: Essex Street. Now, Salem visitors are absolutely sure to come across the attraction, no matter when they visit.


Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery Salem Massachusetts



Unfortunately, the Gallery doesn’t allow pictures from within the attraction, so you’ll have to check it out yourself (or browse their Instagram) for the inside scoop. As someone who has visited the new location, I can tell you it’s definitely worth the trip. You can also have a look at all my pictures on the images page.


Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery

Location: 217 Essex St. Salem, MA

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm & Sun 10am-5pm


Phone: 978.740.0500

Price: For general admission, you’re looking around or less than $10 per person (lower for kids).


Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery Salem Massachusetts


My Thoughts

Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery is one of those Salem Massachusetts attractions I just can’t imagine NOT being around at this point. It’s new central location is definitely earned, in my opinion. As a child of the 80’s my favorites from within are: Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, and Tim Curry’s Pennywise the Clown. That last one is actually the most unsettling one in the entire museum. They got Curry’s moist, bulging eyes exactly correct and the effect is chilling to confront. They also kept Pennywise in a corner by himself when I visited, which made me start to wonder if the figure was about to offer me cotton candy in the sewer. I’d say Orlok’s is definitely worth the price of admission, but especially if you’re a horror movie fan. Even the figures that aren’t exactly right are still super fun to see “in the flesh.”


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