Fae, Faeries & Wicca with Morgan Daimler

The creatures of folklore and myth absolutely captivate me. But it wasn’t until I got into exploring the world of the esoteric that I came upon perhaps the most startling realization about such beings: some of them are actually real. The term “fairy” appears in European folklore as a sort of catch-all term to describe a range of types of spirits. Some other familiar creatures from folklore that have, at times, been lumped in with fairies include goblins and gnomes. But generally these spirits are small in stature, humanoid, and wield magical powers such as enchantment and protection.

My guest today is Morgan Daimler. Morgan has been thinking about fairies and their place in folklore, myth, and spirituality for a long time. She teaches classes and writes about Irish myth, magical practices, fairies, and much more. Her work includes Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, Fairycraft, Irish Paganism, and many more.

I asked Morgan to come on the show because I was fascinated to learn how she views fairies as both mythological figures and ones incorporated in her own spiritual practice as a Wiccan. The conversation was absolutely enchanting and I very much hope you agree.


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