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The Future is Esoteric with Travis McHenry – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 6



Travis McHenry has done much in his time on this planet. He’s been a professional actor, working in Hollywood among some of the most recognizable names in the industry. He’s tried his hand at writing and directing films. He was a Naval Intelligence Specialist for eight years. He’s developed an entire line of tarot decks rooted in Solomonic, Goetic Magic. And he’s founded his very own country, from which he and his team conduct Environmental work that they hope will help turn the tide of climate change.


My Conversation with Travis McHenry

He agreed to sit down for a conversation with me on, among other things, what we can glean from the world of the Esoteric that might help us get out of the materialist pickle that Western Civilization seems to be caught in. We also talk about what it was like to be a big time actor, why he quit, how he came to develop his decks, his time in the military, and much more. Check out the timecodes below for a brief overview of our conversation. And be sure to check out the long list of Travis’s links below the timecodes.



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The Future is Esoteric with Travis McHenry - The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 6
The Future is Esoteric with Travis McHenry - The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 6


Timecodes for Specific Questions with Travis McHenry

0:00-2:09 Intro

2:10-3:55 How does Travis balance being an occultist, CEO, Environmentalist, and more? 3:56-10:01 Why Travis (and I) left acting

10:02-11:54 Exploring Travis’ film “Cult of Cthulu”

11:55-13:10 Travis’ directing history

13:11-17:29 The history of the Occult Tarot and Bloodstone Studios

17:30-19:47 What Is Travis’s attraction to Goetic or Solomonic Magic?

19:48-20:10 Does Travis McHenry consider himself a ritual Magician?

20:11-24:21 How a secret coven introduced Travis to the occult

24:22-25:52 Rapid fire! Travis’s thoughts on Bigfoot

25:53-27:58 What is going on when people “see” Bigfoot?

27:59-31:32 Rapid fire! Travis’s thoughts on The Grays

31:33-32:52 What was Travis’s time as a Naval Intelligence Specialist like?

32:53-33:14 Did Travis come across many Esotericists in the Navy?

33:15-36:00 What does Travis wish civilians knew about serving in the Navy?

36:08-37:02 Travis’s transition from Navy Specialist to Actor

37:03-40:14 From California to Las Vegas

40:15-43:46 What’s it like to transition from East Coast Magic to West Coast Magic?

43:47-45:06 Why New Orleans is the epicenter of Ritual Magic in the United States

45:07-47:13 Is there still magic in Salem?

47:14-47:46 Does mass appeal tarnish magical products?

47:47-51:23 Exploring masculinity in contemporary Esotericism

51:24-54:25 How are the Occult and Art married in Travis’s mind?

54:26-58:26 What has gone wrong in Western thought and how can the Esoteric fix it?

58:27-1:02:32 How the Chinese system of government and spirituality have and will continue to endure

1:02:33-1:03:27 How China might reverse its environmental toll

1:03:26-01:04:00 Travis’ environmentalist background

01:04:01-01:06:58 How Travis founded his own country

01:06:59-01:08:15 The demographics of Travis’ nation

01:08:16-01:09:36 What is the day-to-day of running a country?

01:09:37-01:13:12 What is the ultimate goal of Westarctica?

01:13:13-01:15:55 How running a country in-person might work

01:15:56-01:17:00 What spurred Travis into Environmentalism?

01:17:01-01:18:07 Where to find out more about Travis

01:18:08-01:19:07 Outro



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