The Story

Salem’s Ghosts follows George Corwin, only 25 at the time of his appointment, as he assumes the mantle of High Sheriff and immediately begins his involvement in the Trials. The story tracks Corwin’s horrific actions during the Trials as well as the centuries-long impact they have on Salem, both on the material plane and in the whispering realms of the paranormal.

Written & Directed by Joel Austin

Joel Austin is a writer, director, editor, and the creator of ToSalem. He teaches post-production film-making at UCLA Ext. and is a lifelong admirer of Salem, Massachusetts’ history and culture.

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Who's Who in the Cast

Peter Fanone as High Sheriff George Corwin

Peter Fanone is a NYC based actor from Alexandria, VA. Pandemic credits include: Phillip/Andrew/Martin in the narrative podcast How Do You Sleep At Night, Ray in Drumming With Anubis, Matthew un Death in Autumn; Pre-pandemic credits include OFF BROADWAY: Brendan in Indoor Person (Normal Ave Theater); LORT A REGIONAL THEATER: Hamlet with Tony Award nominee John Douglas Thompson (American Conservatory Theater), A Christmas Carol (A.C.T.). PREVIOUS TRAINING: American Conservatory Theater MFA in Acting ‘18, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Yale Summer Conservatory For Actors, Georgetown University (BA). Peter is also a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with 26 originals on Spotify, he speaks Spanish and Italian, and is a proud member of AEA.

Gabriel Michael as Magistrate Jonathan Corwin

A bi-racial Gemini born in Detroit, Gabriel is a NYC based actor, Voice-Over artist, and model. He received a B.A. from Georgia Southern University in 2016 for performance, directing, and journalism. He also trained at Abacus Entertainment, with vocal coach Bruce Kronenberg. Gabriel’s voice can be heard on a series of books. He is currently narrating alongside the talented Luci Christian- Bell on The Dragon Prince’s Bride. He is happy to work along an incredibly talented and generous cast!

Rebecca Woods as Mary English

Rebecca Woods is an actress, designer, and voiceover artist based in New York City. In the past year, she has narrated and co-narrated over 40 audiobooks, available for purchase on Audible. She has spent this COVID season building her own studio, through which she provides voiceover, audio design, and video-editing. Her written work “Cause for Doubt”, an Agatha Christie style play, will be debuting this year on Halloween night! Her abundant thanks goes out to the ToSalem team for getting to be a part of this beautiful project.

Michael Corcoran as Giles Corey

Michael Corcoran is delighted to be joining the cast of Salem’s Ghosts. He was last heard as The President in the podcast series, Rogue Waves. He lives in New York City.

Dina Laura as Martha Corey

Dina Laura, an actress/writer/voiceover artist, is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Salem’s Ghosts! Her plays have been produced on both coasts and her most recent play, “Elephants and Other Worldly Dilemmas”, won FringeFav in the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival. Dina also has a blog where you can read humorous tales told from the perspective of a Jewish Italian NON-princess.

Sam Franco as John Hathorne, Officer, and Minister

Sam Franco is a NYC-based stage actor and is elated to work on such a chilling piece in time for Halloween! Sam’s voice can be heard on playwright Grace Day’s “As Seen On…” podcast anthology, as well as the Off-Broadway cast recording of “Green Card: A New Musical (2016) on Spotify and Apple Music.

The History

Corwin's Appointment - Early 1692

The hearings have begun by the time George Corwin, a relatively inexperienced, 25 year-old, extremely well-connected veteran is appointed High Sheriff in the Salem Witch Trials.

Escalation - Spring 1692

As the hysteria fully grips Salem, the nature of the accused begins to shift. While initially beggars, previously accused witches, and social outcasts are targeted, by the spring, more prominent members of the Salem elite are caught up in the trials. Salem’s Ghosts begins by focusing on one such prosperous family, Philip and Mary English. Their wealth is vast, their influence wide, and the storm coming their way might destroy it all.

The Hangings - Summer 1692

The pressure to convict the upper-tier of Salemites intensifies as the hangings begin in the midsummer of 1692.

Total Chaos - Autumn 1692

As the air chills and the leaves turn, the number of accused enters the hundreds and the executed the double digits. All pretense that the trials might be a localized affair has vanished as there appears to be zero oversight over the rampant violence issued by the court.

The End - Winter 1692 to Early 1693

Winter brings the beginning of the end of the trials. A series of events contribute to the conclusion, most notably the return of Massachusetts Governor William Phips after a season abroad. In his absence, his wife is accused. Upon his return, he assists on the removal of spectral evidence as admissible in court, effectively halting the trials. After their conclusion, many lawsuits are brought against both the civic entities behind the trials as well as individuals deemed personally responsible for the havoc wrought during their operation. Many of those who survived the trials, including those on the court, the accusers, and the accused, never recover from the hell they survived or caused.


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