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Salem Regional Visitor Center



The Salem Regional Visitor Center is located at 2 New Liberty Street in Salem Massachusetts. Due to its central location, it’s often the first stop for many seasonal tourists. During the Halloween season, there are a whole row of restrooms outside, but much nicer ones are inside the building.



The Visitor Center is located right beside one of Salem’s prime downtown parking garages! The entrance to that garage is also on New Liberty Street, right across the street. It charges both flat day rates or hourly, depending on how long you stay.






What’s Inside The Salem Regional Visitor Center

Inside you’ll find everything you need to begin your Salem trip including brochures, pamphlets, posters, merchandise, and much more. In addition to this merchandise, there’s an ever-evolving collection of books on display. Local authors penned many of these books and this is definitely one of the better collections in Salem. So if history, culture, or arts are your thing, The Visitor Center is a great place to browse. But, if you’re looking for new age or occult topics, there are definitely better places in town to get going. Add to this a very knowledgeable staff and that cements The Visitor Center as a great first stop on your trip to the Witch City.


You can also find information on restaurants inside, which is definitely valuable as Salem offers many selections for foodies.



Visiting The Salem Regional Visitor Center

Lastly, some mapping platforms (like Google Maps) label the Visitor Center differently. You may see it also referred to as, “Salem Maritime National Historic Visitor Center.” Don’t worry about it, these places are one in the same.



The Visitor Center is run by the National Parks Service and you can reach them at (978) 740 – 1650 or head to their site.

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