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Useful Magick with Jessi Huntenburg – The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 7




Jessi Huntenburg is a witch, content creator, and all-around fantastic human who has recently started refering to herself as a “Mind Witch.” I was deeply intrigued by this term, so I asked her to come on to chat about it. What transpired was a deep, thoughtful conversation between two similar thinkers.


My Conversation with Jessi Huntenburg

In addition to Jessi’s mind witchery, we talk about divinity, cosmic consciousness, the witch business, and much more. This is an in-depth, exploratory, fun chat between two occultists who are both genuinely excited by ideas and conversation.



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Useful Magick with Jessi Huntenburg - The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 7
Useful Magick with Jessi Huntenburg - The Salem Witch Podcast Episode 7



Timecodes for Specific Questions with Jessi Huntenburg

0:00-2:02 Intro
2:03-3:33 What would Jessi tell her 16 year-old self?
3:34-4:52 Success and Focus
4:53-8:01 If elderly Jessi spoke with current Jessi, what would she say?
8:02-11:57 What’s it like to start a business in the Witchcraft space?
11:57-14:27 How does Jessi overcome the stresses of running her own business?
14:28-20:29 How does Jessi navigate the ethical constraints of making content online?
20:30-23:42 Why Jessi (and I) are both interested in what’s useful in the Esoteric.
23:43-25:23 Where is the line between a functional interest in the Esoteric and belief?
25:24-31:53 Jessi’s and I’s transition from Theoretician to Practitioner.
31:54-34:29 What is a Mind Witch?
34:30-40:51 How does Jessi view cosmology as a Mind Witch?
40:52-43:44 Does it matter if the Gods are materially real?
43:45-48:24 Jessi and me deep diving on divinity.
48:25-52:21 When you’ve gone too deep thinking about the Esoteric.
52:22-57:54 How to recognize when you’ve lost touch with material reality and what to do about it.
57:55-1:08:50 What Jessi’s coven is like.
1:08:51-1:17:40 How can people tell the difference between exploitative and healthy esoteric spaces?
1:17:41-1:25:21 Are there elements in Esoteric thought or Witchcraft that could fix what is broken in the western world?
1:25:22-1:25:55 Where to find more about Jessi Huntenburg
1:25:56-1:26:25 Outro


Jessi’s Mind Witch video:

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