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The Witch Dungeon Museum




Everything you need to know about the Witch Dungeon Museum in a short read.

History of the Witch Dungeon Museum

This museum has been sharing a particularly interesting recounting of the Salem Witch Trials since 1979. The building was initially designed as a chapel for the East Church and you can still see the resemblance to a church today. After a fire in 1902, the East Church’s congregation relocated elsewhere in Salem. The building was then passed on to the Church of Christ Scientist. The new owners began holding their services in the building in 1908 and continued until 1979. Then, the Witch Dungeon Museum purchased the building. It’s been running as one of the many Salem Witch Trials attractions in the Witch City ever since.


What’s Inside the Witch Dungeon Museum?

An eerie mood is set before you even enter the building. On the outside of the structure a pillory awaits any Salem visitor eager for a photo op. Behind it, a strange tableau of a Witch Trials hanging rests in the bottom of the main building.



The entrance to the Witch Dungeon Museum involves a slight ascent up a flight of stairs to the gift shop, where you’ll purchase tickets. You will not be exiting from the gift shop, so be sure to grab any trinkets you’d like while you’re in line to purchase your tickets.


The Chapel Performance

Once you begin the tour, you’ll feel like you’re back in time, in 1692, in Salem Village. While other Salem tours attempt to replicate this experience, no one does it to such an extensive and ultimately eerie effect. But we’ll get back to that momentarily.

To start, you’ll watch a brief recreation of a witchcraft trial that doesn’t go so well for the accused. Another distinction from other Salem Witch Trials attractions is to be found here. You will not find a live experience with live actors very many places in Salem, certainly not ones centered on the trials.

This experience takes place in the old chapel room where you’ll sit on long, old church pews. This setting only adds to the overall effect of watching a real trial take place after which someone will really be sent to the dungeons and, ultimately, the gallows.




Descent Into the Dungeon

Once the live show is over, you’ll head into the basement for the truly chilling part of the tour. You’ll walk through a recreated 17th century dungeon, complete with intense scenes that show you the conditions the accused endured while imprisoned.

There are plenty of wax attractions, but this one has got a little special something to it. The figures are unsettling, their positions eerie, and the whole thing just has a strange, off-kilter vibe to it. Take a look for yourself.




This museum is definitely one of the best ways to experience the Salem Witch Trials. Seeing it is eye-opening and, after touring, you’ll certainly have a different appreciation for the horrors the accused suffered in 1692


Hours of Operation

You can visit the museum everyday, from 10 AM to 5 PM, between April and November. The hours may vary in October, due to the Haunted Happenings in town.


Ticket Prices

You can save up to $8 per person if you choose to visit aside this museum, another two: the Witch History Museum and the New England Pirate Museum. Tickets are available at the door.



Address: 16 Lynde St, Salem, MA 01970

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