The Salem Witch Museum – What’s the Story?

The Salem Witch Museum is probably one of the most famous buildings in the Witch City. It’s visage is plastered on postcards, t-shirts, stickers, and so much more. Today we explore the history of this world-renowned landmark from the beginning of its storied history in 1718 to today.


The Salem Witch Museum Podcast Episode!!!

Constructing this episode has been absolutely fascinating. In fact, we did our first podcast about what it’s been like putting this one together, so be sure to check that out as well. In that podcast, you’ll hear about our surprise at discovering the peripheral connections The Salem Witch Museum shares with the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. You’ll also hear the host’s opinions about the museum’s strengths and where they could improve. If you’re into the history of Salem at all, it’s definitely worth a listen on iTunes.


More on The Salem Witch Museum

Our video on The Salem Witch Museum features a bunch of research and fascinating photographs of the building throughout the ages as well. So if you’re interested in seeing the Salem that was, watch the entire thing. And also see where The Salem Witch Museum placed in our Top 5 Things to Do in Salem Massachusetts video.


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