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Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel is one of the most storied, haunted places to stay in Salem MA. Here’s everything you need to know.

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Established in 1925 and a proud member of the Historic Hotels of America, the Hawthorne Hotel is a must see in Salem. Located in the heart of the city, it has hosted over 1 million guests! The grand ballroom at the Hawthorne is also one heck of a spot for a party and as such is a frequently rented for weddings, prom celebrations, Halloween parties, and more. Obviously, the hotel was named after Salem’s favorite son: Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The Hawthorne was even voted as the Best City Center Historic Hotel in 2015, which definitely demonstrates the staff’s continued commitment to excellence and prestige.


What’s Inside The Hawthorne Hotel

Once you enter the building, you will be greeted by the hotel’s team. You’ll then find the hallway, well-known for its historical architecture, and the tastefully-furnished rooms. But be sure to watch out for the room 612! This is known as the most haunted location of the hotel.

At the very top of the Hawthorne Hotel, there’s also the mysterious meeting place of Salem’s Marine Society. Ask at the front desk for access, but don’t get your hopes up. The meeting place is referred to as “The Cabin.” The Society has used buildings on this land to hold meetings for generations. Perhaps that’s why one of the many specters said to haunt the Hawthorne Hotel is actually a pirate. There’s little doubt that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of mariners have spent many hours on this block. So there may be more truth to this legend than seems apparent at first glance.

The seasonal cuisine of the restaurant offers a large range of dishes and an extensive menu of wines. Also, you can enjoy dinner to the soothing sounds of live piano every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Staying at the Hawthorne Hotel

The hotel offers a wide area of staying packages, such as VIP (Very Important Pet), Bed and Breakfast, Witch Way, History and Culture and Dinning on the Green. Check their website for their current offerings.

Also, the rates of the rooms available for October range from $314 to $374 and for now, the current occupation level is up to 50%. But, hurry up to book your favorite room as they fill up quick and you’ll definitely want to enjoy this wonderful stay in a classy and elegant environment. So be sure to check bellow the detailed info about the room types and features.


General Prices

As of 2024, there are a variety of rooms available to stay in at the Hawthorne Hotel. Generally, prices range from the low $200 per night range during the off-season to the mid $350 range (and above) during the Autumn season. They currently offer the following rooms. 

  • Traditional Queen: 2 people, 1 double bed
  • Standard King: 2 people, 1 king bed
  • Standard Double Queen: 4 people, 2 queen bed
  • Superior Queen: 3 people, 1 queen bed
  • Deluxe Double Queen Full Bath: 5 people, 2 queen bed
  • Deluxe Double Queen One and a Half Baths: 5 people, 2 queen bed

Hours of Operation

With the hotel reception open 24/7, you are always welcome to visit Hawthorne. Also, you can share your experience through the contact form available on their official web page.



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