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Salem Psychics, Tarot, & Divination

Salem is world-renowned for its bevy of psychics, tarot card readers, and mediums of every sort. With so many options, how can you tell which ones are worth checking out? Luckily ToSalem is here to help! Check out the city’s psychics, tarot readers, mediums, and all the shops where you can get readings below.


Salem Tarot Card Reading – Where Do I Go?

Looking for the perfect place to get your Salem tarot card reading? Take our quiz to find the perfect spot for your witchy good time!

Find Your Perfect Salem Tarot Card Reading Shop Here


Pyramid Books Salem

Pyramid Books Salem is a bit of an odd duck as these sorts of shops go. Beneath its somewhat random flow, there might just be something worth checking out.

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Restaurants in Salem

One of the most unknown sides of Salem is its delicious food scene. This coastal city has some of the best seafood you’ll find in the Northshore. Being a tourist town, there are also plenty of off-beat offerings for the most adventurous among you foodies out there. Check out everything you need to know about the restaurants in Salem here.


Salem Ma Restaurants – Halloween Picks

Wondering where to eat in Salem this Halloween? Here are a few of the Salem Ma restaurants I love to hit up whenever I’m in the Witch City.

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Bit Bar Salem

Bit Bar Salem is a non-witchy, isolated establishment offering retro arcade fun and a varied drink menu. Is it worth the trip during your Salem visit?

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Best Places to Stay Near Salem Ma

One of the best things about Salem, Massachusetts is that it’s a super affordable getaway, no matter what your budget is. A big part of that is the spread of hotels, bed and breakfasts, and Air BnBs in and around the Witch City. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good change you can find a place to stay. Check out all the places to stay near Salem Ma below!


Hawthorne Hotel

The Hawthorne Hotel is one of the most storied, haunted places to stay in Salem MA. Find out more about its past, rates, staying in October, and more!

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Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites

The Salem Waterfront Hotel & Suites is one of the more popular popular places to stay in Salem, especially in October. Is it a good spot for your stay?

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Shops in Salem – Witch Stores, New Age, Tattoo, Gift Shops, and More!

The retail market is the backbone of the Salem economy. Whether you’re in town for Halloween decorations, costumes, new age merchandise, witch shop fare, or a brand new tattoo, Salem has got you covered.  Explore a sampling of all the shops in Salem below.


Die With Your Boots On

Everything you need to know about Die With Your Boots On in a short video. Location, hours, prices, merchandise, local authors, and more!

Learn More About Die With Your Boots On


Omen Salem MA Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

Omen Psychic Parlor is one of many Salem Massachusetts witch shops. Does anything set this one apart? Is it worth your visit? Let’s find out.

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Ghost, Witch, Haunted, Historical and More Tours in Salem Ma – Walking and Trolley

Oh yes, Salem is quite haunted. Now obviously, the paranormal lore from the Salem Witch Trials is unparalleled. But, Salem has much more to offer in the way of ghostly adventures than that. Throw into this mix a fantastic selection of other witch, historical, and other walking tours (and one trolley as well) and you’ve got the makings of an incredible (and/or horrifying) afternoon. Check out all of the ghost, witch, haunted, historical, and other walking and trolley tours in Salem here.


Paranormal Salem – 5 Haunted Destinations You MUST Visit

Is Salem Mass haunted? Find out yourself! In this video, ToSalem gives you five supposedly haunted destinations you can still visit in the Witch City today!

Discover the Top Haunted Salem Destinations Here


Salem Trolley Tour

The Salem Trolley Tour is perhaps the best way to see Salem if you’re in a hurry or new to The Witch City. In just one hour, The Salem Trolley Tour visits nearly twenty spots in town. Some notable places guests visit include: The Salem Witch Museum, Salem’s gorgeous Pickering Wharf, The House of the Seven Gables, The Old Burying Point, and many more.

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Salem Witch Trials Attractions

Although The Salem Witch Trials happened over 300 years ago in 1692, Salem is still very much connected with the year-long horrors of the era. Modern Salem has no shortage of Witch Trials attractions for you to enjoy. Some are tried and true, others new and fresh. Witch Trials attractions comprise so much of the things to do in Salem MA, that’s it’s not at all an exaggeration to say that you could spend an entire weekend bouncing from one to the next.

Here’s a short list of just a few of The Salem Witch Trials attractions on offer: The Salem Witch Museum, The Witch Dungeon MuseumCry Innocent, Salem Witch Trials Memorial, Proctor’s Ledge Memorial, The Witch House, Salem Wax Museum, Witch History Museum, Rebecca Nurse Homestead, John Proctor House, and so many more.







The most unique attractions in Salem can offer you experiences you can’t find anywhere else in the United States. Explore an entire 17th century village, meticulously crafted open all year-round. Check out all the filming locations from Disney’s Hocus Pocus. Or explore one of the most accurate and unsettling movie monster museums in the world. All of this and more is available in Salem. Check out all the strange, odd, quirky offerings in the Witch City here.




Salem Massachusetts Halloween

Everyone knows that Salem is Halloween central and for good reason. There is so much to do in October in Salem that, frankly, it can be overwhelming. To help get you started, check out all the Halloween events, attractions, and other things to do in Salem during the Autumn here.



Things To Do with Kids in Salem

Salem is a diverse city with a rich, fascinating history. But, not everything is doom and gloom in the Witch City. There are tons of offerings for kids as well. Explore all the family friendly attractions and other things to do with kids in Salem here!




Things To Do in Salem MA This Weekend

The perfect weekend trip to Salem any time of year. Check out the Salem Events Calendar Page for all things to do in Salem MA this weekend.




Salem Cemeteries

There are three major cemeteries in downtown Salem alone. And each has a diverse, macabre, fascinating history. Oh, and you want ghosts? Salem’s got ghosts. Check out all of the Salem cemeteries here. Care to visit a Witch Trials judge?




Haunted Salem

The cemeteries aren’t the only haunted spots in Salem, Massachusetts. If you’re looking for a legitimate haunting, you’ll find plenty in the Witch City. Here you’ll find all paranormal, haunted houses, and other post-life venues in Salem MA.