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Artemisia Botanicals


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Watch the video below for all the info you need to know on Artemisia Botanicals in under three minutes! This video is part of the Salem Spotlight series which aims to offer brief introductions to all the attractions, restaurants, places to stay, tarot and divination in Salem Massachusetts.


Table of Contents

History of Artemisia Botanicals

Established as a local herbs retailer in 1997, this store strives to provide Salem’s community with a massive selection of healing solutions. Unlike some other Salem new age and witch supply shops, Artemisia promotes natural and organic products. So if you’re at all interested in energetic integrity, this is a great place to supply your altar.

In addition to the absolutely incredible herb selection, they also offer amazing herbal blends, both for ingestion and magickal use.



What’s Inside?

All told, the store offers over 400 varieties of herbs and 100 teas. In addition to their herbal supplies, Artemisia Botanicals sells other olfactory delights like handmade goat’s milk soap. You’ll also find the usual set of witch supplies like containers, essential oils and candles, wands, drums, and spell books.

Also unlike some other Salem shops, Artemisia Botanicals offers a particularly robust online store, so you can access all of their wares at any time.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Artemisia is the atmosphere itself. This is no dark, stuffy witch shop. Instead, the store is bright, clean, and airy. It’s a very nice addition to the Salem landscape for this reason.

The staff is also incredibly friendly. I’ve leaned on their expertise nearly every time I’ve been in the store and I’ve never been disappointed.


Tarot Readings at Artemisia Botanicals

The divination you’ll experience at Artemisia is unlike any other in Salem. Not only can you get a tarot reading, but there are two other types of readings that are unique to this store and Salem itself.

In addition to the tarot reading, you may also choose to receive a tea leaf or lace reading at Artemisia Botanicals. The tea leaf readings are very well-reviewed. So be sure to give this one a look next time you’re in Salem. And if you’re looking for a free reading, check out our Salem tarot page.

My Review of Artemisia Botanicals

Artemisia Botanicals is among the particularly well-reviewed Salem witch supply shops. While I’ve never personally had a reading there, plenty of people have touted the greatness of them – especially the tea leaf reading.

What I can say for sure is that Artemisia is one of the stores in Salem that I order products from year-round. Even when I’m not in Salem, I’m constantly tweaking the herbs, essential oils, and teas in my cart. These orders always arrive promptly and in fantastic condition.

Also, the friendliness and knowledge of the staff cannot be understated. All of the elements listed here (and others) make Artemisia Botanicals one of the very few Salem stores that transcend the realm of tourist destinations. Locals and visitors enjoy this place alike all year long.

If it wasn’t obvious already, I highly recommend giving this place a go, no matter who you are. If you’re in Salem, chances are, you’ll love it. And if you’re looking for ethically-sourced, organic supplies for your spiritual endeavors, you can’t go wrong here either.


Hours of Operation

You can stop by every day, from 10 AM to 6 PM.


You can find the shop just off the main Essex St. drag in the heart of downtown Salem at 3 Hawthorne Blvd, Salem, MA 01970. 



They accept credit/debit cards and cash.

The shop is rated very highly among Salem witch shops. It regularly places as among the upper-crust of New Age stores in town. 

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