Who's the Best Psychic in Salem MA?

Psychics in Salem MA

The streets of the Witch City are lined with all manner of divination. So how can you tell which psychics are worth visiting or not? On this page, I cover all the psychics in Salem MA and fill you in on which ones are worth your time.

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Witch Shops with Psychics in Salem MA

Salem Tarot Card Reading – Where Do I Go?

If you’re looking for a Salem tarot card reading, but don’t know where to go, take this quiz to find out! Or head over to the Salem Tarot page to learn more about every card reader in Salem MA.

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Pyramid Books

Pyramid Books Salem is a bit of an odd duck as these sorts of shops go. Learn more about the store and its psychics here.

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Omen Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

Omen Psychic Parlor is one of many Salem Massachusetts witch shops. Does anything set this one apart? Is it worth your visit? Let’s find out about the shop and its psychics here.

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Individual Psychics in Salem MA

This page is currently under construction, but soon there will be a curated list below of all the best psychics in Salem MA.