Shopping in Salem Ma

Your Guide to All the Stores in Salem Ma

The Shops in Salem MA are interesting for a number of reasons. Of course, one expects a large number of witch or new age stores in Salem. And there definitely are plenty to choose from, many wildly different from the last. But, just like the Witch City itself, the shops in Salem surprise with their shear variety as well. Here, browse every shopping experience you can have in Salem Massachusetts.

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Salem Witch Stores

Artemisia Botanicals

Salem’s widest variety of herbs can be found at Artemisia Botanicals. Here you’ll find all the info on the store’s history, tarot readings, and reviews.

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Crow Haven Corner

Crow Haven Corner has deep ties to the Salem witchcraft scene. Learn more about one of the most iconic Salem witch shops in town here.

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Omen Psychic Parlor

Omen Psychic Parlor is one of many Salem Massachusetts witch shops. Does anything set this one apart? Is it worth your visit? Let’s find out.

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Salem Liquor Stores & Marijuana Dispensaries

Bunghole Liquors

Bunghole Liquors is easily the most fascinating liquor store in Salem Massachusetts. Learn about its haunted and bootlegging history here.

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Does the Salem Dispensary Sell to Tourists?

Witches aren’t the only thing in Salem, Massachusetts. Marijuana is legal there, but can tourists purchase at a Salem dispensary? Find all the info here!

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Gift Shops in Salem MA

Wicked Good Books

Wicked Good Books has some very interesting haunted history, potential connections to Salem’s underground tunnels, and a wonderful book selection to choose from.

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Salem Clothing Stores

Die With Your Boots On

Die With Your Boots On is a fantastic place to fill out your gothic attire. You can also get Salem books, buttons, & more at this dark shop.

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Vampfangs offers clothes, mementos, incense and, yes, fangs right in downtown Salem Massachusetts. Here’s what you’ll find inside.

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