The Story

The Lynn Lady follows the Bishop family as they become increasingly entangled in a strange, paranormal rift, the beginnings of which lie in a horrific, unsolved murder that occurred some eighty years before the beginning of our story.

The 2021 Characters

Salem’s Ghosts: The Lynn Lady centers on the Bishop family. We follow daughter Marina Bishop, a podcaster and true crime/paranormal enthusiast born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts. Marina hosts a podcast called “Twisted Salem” with her long-time best friend Tyler Aldene, on whom she has largely emotionally depended since the strange disappearance of her father a year before our story begins.

Marina’s mother, Patricia Bishop, is a history professor and career-minded woman who is doing her best to keep moving forward after the sudden vanishing of her husband. For Patricia’s emotional support in this trying time, she has largely turned to Ashley Knightsbane. Ashley is an associate professor at the same school as Patricia as well as a part-time psychic medium who works at “Corwin’s Curiosity Shoppe” in downtown Salem.

Also in the mix are a party crew of early 20 year-old’s named Drew, Mason, and Will who are, as a group, entangled in a mysterious, terrifying car accident early in the piece, from which not all escape. The psychic reverberations of this accident go on to also ensnare the Bishops as the piece progresses through its six episodes.

The 1941 Characters

The other half of The Lynn Lady follows a young man and woman in 1941. We first meet Frances Cochran, a late teenager who’s got her heart set on leaving her hometown of Lynn, Massachusetts. To this end, Frances works at a leather tanning company in nearby Salem, where she is well-liked among the staff. She’s precocious, curious, strong-willed, and always ready for adventure.

Contrasting her, we meet Al Pleasance, a compulsive poet and wandered whose home life is brutal, history is shadowy, and future looks uncertain. When Al and Frances chance upon each other on the streets of Lynn, their connection is immediate and compelling.

Soon, the young couple goes on their first date to Marvin’s One-Stop, a local diner. But, the young romance can’t last forever and before long the 1941 story takes a horrifying turn for the worst.

Listen to an Excerpt

Want to hear an early excerpt? Check out this final moment of Episode One in which Mason, Will, and Drew set out for a night of fun, but end up mangled, bloodied, and haunted on the side of the road.

The Premiere

The Lynn Lady Premiered on January 29th, 2021

The Lynn Lady premiere will take place entirely in a top-down, retro-style, theatrical environment in which guests will be able to chat with each other, the cast and crew, the evening’s sponsors, and much more. In addition to screening the entire six episode series, we’ll also be hosting a whole set of live events, featurettes, giveaways, games and more! Check out the tabs to learn more about the premiere event.


Watch this Video for a Walkthrough of the Premiere Space

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After every episode of The Lynn Lady, guests will be given a time limit within which to explore the event space before they return to the Main Auditorium and resume the show. During these periods, there will always be at least one live event occurring. Some of these events include:

  • The Cocktail – The night begins with the mixing of the evenings signature cocktail, “The Twisting Place.” About a week before the event, we’ll send out a list of ingredients to grab, then we’ll start the night out right by showing you how to make it. VIP ticket holders will get access to a second signature cocktail, only available in the VIP lounge (Check the ticket tab for more info).
  • Q&A’s/Talkbacks with the cast and crew
  • Al’s Poetry Corner – A madlib-style game where guests will assist one of our actors as he composes a poem in character.
  • Haunted Salem – A live segment from author and Salem expert, Ron Martin on Salem’s paranormal history.
  • Tarot Readings with Olive Cain – If you love comedy and tarot, you’ll dig this. Join cast member Nikki MacCallum as she reads tarot as one of her series characters, Olive Cain. When not in character, Nikki knows next to nothing about tarot. The result? A hilarious, fun, light-hearted set of readings that’s sure to have you laughing.
  • Twisted Salem Live! Join Marina Bishop and Tyler Aldene as they record a live episode of the series’ fictional true crime and paranormal podcast, “Twisted Salem,” They will take calls and one of them might be you.


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Not crazy about live events? Want a bit more solo experience? That’s totally ok! You actually don’t have to turn your webcam or mic on during the entire night if you’d like. And we’ve got a whole set of featurettes for you to watch between episodes, if you’d rather go at your own pace throughout the night. Some of which include:

  • The Making of The Lynn Lady – Watch as the entire series is put together, including exclusive vlogs from writer-director Joel Austin during the scripting process, early edits of scenes, interviews with the creative team and more!
  • The Making of a Scene – In The Gallery, guests will find a space with six tables upon which are six different Making of a Scene featurettes, each for one episode. See how a scene developed from the script to the first rehearsal to the incarnation you’ll hear on the night of the premiere.
  • The History of the Cochran Murder – Our audio series is based  on the real, heinous murder of Frances Cochran, whom we also get to know during the series. But we take a lot of liberties with the events around Frances’ death, including introducing entire characters that aren’t grounded in history in any way. This featurette, delivered by Ashley Knightsbane, will tell you the real history of the Cochran murder. Perhaps you’ll be the one to finally solve the crime?
  • Performance and 2020 – The majority of the cast and crew of The Lynn Lady are artists stationed on the coasts of the United States, for whom the pandemic has had an immense impact. Listen to them talk about how the virus has impacted their lives as performers and human beings.


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At three points throughout the evening, we will be giving away exclusive merch related to the release event (should you want guaranteed merch, check out the VIP tickets on the “Tickets” tab). Guests will only be able to win if they attend the giveaway events, so be sure to note when and where they occur on your schedule.


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Our premiere event culminates in an Afterparty that features all kinds of exclusive spaces and activities, not to be found anywhere else in the premiere environment. Guests can play games, listen to music, get to know each other, check out the evening’s sponsors, and much more. The specifics on the Afterparty will be updated as we near the event.


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Ticket’s range from $40 to $55 per single ticket. Here’s the breakdown:

  • One regularly-priced ticket: $40. This ticket buys you one avatar in the digital world. This ticket is linked to an email address.
  • One VIP ticket (limited quantities): $55. This ticket gives you everything from the regularly-priced ticket plus exclusive merch mailed to you before the event. This merch includes an enamel Twisted Salem pin, a Tower-inspired Lynn Lady tarot card signed by writer-director Joel Austin, a custom bookmark with the evening’s projected events, and a note from the Writer-Director. You’ll also enjoy access to the VIP Lounge on the night of the event as well as other exclusive perks on the night of the premiere.  For multiple VIP tickets, please purchase them individually from the event page. VIP tickets have a limited quantity.
  • Two regularly-priced tickets: $75. This ticket purchases two avatars and comes with a $5 reduction on the ticket cost. For three or more tickets, email


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1) Can I attend on a mobile device?

We don’t recommend it. The software does have a mobile component in beta, but our tests have proved buggy. The best way to attend is on a computer.

2) How many people will be there?

We’re capping attendance due to server space and, while we can’t give an exact number, you should expect plenty of company.

3) Can more than one person use a single ticket?

Short answer, yes. Longer answer, it depends on what you’d like your experience to be like. A ticket buys an avatar, which is linked to an email address. So, you can only have one avatar running around linked to one ticket purchase. But, if you want to have more than one person sitting around the same computer, that’s totally fine.

4) I can’t make it on January 29th, is there any chance this event will occur again?

Not in this form, no. We’re going to try and record the live events and send out a package to ticket buyers after the evening that features many of the events, featurettes, and other materials. Theoretically, we could also provide that for people who can’t attend at a later date, but that’s a conversation we’ll start having after the premiere is finished.

5) How do I receive my ticket?

In the week leading up to the event, you will receive an email with all the info you need to attend the premiere.

6) Where do I buy tickets?

You can get tickets here.

7) What if I want to gift tickets for someone else?

You can either enter their email address (and mailing address if purchasing a VIP ticket) at checkout or purchase the ticket yourself, then email me at with your email address and a quick note to let me know who the ticket is for. I’ll take care of the rest 🙂

8) I’m a horror, audiodrama, witchcraft, history, paranormal, and/or true crime content creator and I’d like to have a sponsored booth at the Afterparty. How do I get one?

Email and introduce yourself to get the ball rolling. There is zero financial investment to procure a sponsor booth.

9) Who designed the premiere space?

The premiere space uses a technology called Gather. Most of it was designed by series Artistic Director Laura Austin.

10) Are there promo codes for the premiere?

Yep. If you’re interested in using a promo code, email and I’ll hook you up.

Who's Who in the Cast and Crew

Writer-Director Joel Austin

Joel Austin is a writer, director, editor, and the creator of ToSalem. He teaches post-production film-making at UCLA Ext. and is a lifelong admirer of Salem, Massachusetts’ history and culture.

Assistant Director Robin Weaver

Robin Weaver is a stage manager and executive assistant based in Detroit. Her favorite credits include the world premiere of How to Be a Respectable Junkie, Peter and the Starcatcher, and the Marilyn Bianchi Kids Playwriting Festival (Dobama Theatre). Many thanks to Joel for inviting her on this amazing adventure!

Tessa Faye Talent, LLC is a career consulting business & boutique casting office, based in NYC. Projects include Off-Broadway theatre, documentaries, short films, animation, podcasts, audio dramas, and new media, as well as both in-person and remote readings of original work.

Kelsey Godfrey as Marina Bishop

Kelsey Godfrey (They/Them/Theirs) is a non-binary lesbian actor, theater educator, and embroidery artist living in Brooklyn. Kelsey’s acting highlights include Skinny in The Jungle of Cities (SMPL MCHN), Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood (Bros Do Pros), and Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Kelsey is managed by Variado Talent. IG:@godspeedgodfrey IG:@embroiderydyke

Rebekah Rawhouser as Patricia Bishop

Rebekah Rawhouser is an actor/singer/mom/sourdough queen based in NYC. Favorite credits include Diana Goodman (Next To Normal) for which she was nominated by the San Diego Theatre Critics Circle for Outstanding Lead in a Musical, and Mary Magdalene (Jesus Christ Superstar). Rebekah can also be heard on the podcast thriller Rogue Waves as reporter Tanya, and the scripted comedy podcast How Do You Sleep At Night? as the all-American-Karen, Annie Cooter. IG: @literallybekah ;

Rebecca Woods as Frances Cochran

Rebecca Woods is an actress, designer, and voiceover artist based in New York City. In the past year, she has narrated and co-narrated over 40 audiobooks, available for purchase on Audible. She has spent this COVID season building her own studio, through which she provides voiceover, audio design, and video-editing. Her written work “Cause for Doubt”, an Agatha Christie style play, will be debuting this year on Halloween night! Her abundant thanks goes out to the ToSalem team for getting to be a part of this beautiful project.

Michael Corcoran as Frank Pleasance

Michael Corcoran is delighted to be joining the cast of Salem’s Ghosts. He was last heard as The President in the podcast series, Rogue Waves and Giles Corey in the feature Salem’s Ghosts. He lives in New York City.

Dina Laura as Ashley Knightsbane

Dina Laura, an actress/writer/voiceover artist, is absolutely thrilled to be a part of Salem’s Ghosts! Her plays have been produced on both coasts and her most recent play, “Elephants and Other Worldly Dilemmas”, won FringeFav in the 2015 New York International Fringe Festival. Dina also has a blog where you can read humorous tales told from the perspective of a Jewish Italian NON-princess.

Peter Fanone as Tyler Aldene

Peter Fanone is a NYC based actor from Alexandria, VA. Pandemic credits include: Phillip/Andrew/Martin in the narrative podcast How Do You Sleep At Night, Ray in Drumming With Anubis, Matthew un Death in Autumn; Pre-pandemic credits include OFF BROADWAY: Brendan in Indoor Person (Normal Ave Theater); LORT A REGIONAL THEATER: Hamlet with Tony Award nominee John Douglas Thompson (American Conservatory Theater), A Christmas Carol (A.C.T.). PREVIOUS TRAINING: American Conservatory Theater MFA in Acting ‘18, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Yale Summer Conservatory For Actors, Georgetown University (BA). Peter is also a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with 26 originals on Spotify, he speaks Spanish and Italian, and is a proud member of AEA.

Bryan Mittelstadt as Drew Cathy

Bryan Mittelstadt (He/Him) is a Los Angeles based actor and singer. A Texas transplant, Bryan unwittingly showed up in NYC as a literal lyric from Annie!: “3 bucks, 2 bags, 1 [ginger].” A few years of hustling later, he went to The University of Connecticut for his MFA in Acting. Over this time of Covid, Bryan has worked on the pilot, Lower The Bar, with Catherine Curtin as well as wrote, acted, and edited an epic radio thriller called Rogue Waves, now on Apple and Spotify. He keeps busy with a number of upcoming commercials and Amazon’s, The Voyeurs. Catch him @bryanpatrickm

Nikki MacCallum as Olive Cain, Med Tech, Sally Sheldon, and Lydia

Nikki MacCallum (AEA) is an NYC based actress, comedian, and author.  As a performer she’s appeared at Caroline’s on Broadway, Birdland, Lincoln Center and was also featured on VH1. Her memoir, DRY RUN was released in 2019 by Auctus Publishers for which she was recently interviewed on CBS.

James Jelkin as Al Pleasance

James Jelkin is an actor and meditator living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. During the pandemic he starred as The New Guy in Drumming with Anubis. You can hear his voice as the villainous Radon in the audio drama Visionaries and see his face in CryptTV’s Mordeo. James holds an MFA from The University of Connecticut and is a proud member of Ted Wold Studios. He would like to thank 2020 for all the emotional ammunition that will fuel the rest of his career.

Matt Vita as Charlie, The Foreman, Will Brock, James Bishop

Matt Vita is an actor, stand up comedian, sketch writer/actor, improviser, musician, surfer, snowboarder, award winning freestyler, overall GNAR shredder and general mischief maker. He can rap better than you, shred trees faster than you, and still holds the door for strangers. He has written, directed, and performed several one man shows, notably a main stage appearance at the last ever DCM in 2018 “The Self Reflective Insult Comic”, and the multidisciplinary “Yes, It Did Hurt” at The Pit’s 2017 Solocom. Adapting to the times in 2020 he’s been booking dramatic and comedic voiceover work, has produced a bunch of podcast theme songs for some of his raddest peers, and has recently signed a deal for two short digital sketch comedy series he will be writing, nproducing and releasing from the luxury of what looks like another lockdown. (IG:@BigDawgNY1 for some jingles and jangles)

Parker Drown as Mason Williams

Parker Drown is an actor and creative living in NYC, a proud graduate of Syracuse University and alumni of the National Theatre Institute. His theatrical work has been seen Off Broadway, and throughout Washington DC where he earned the prestigious Helen Hayes Award. His voice work has also been showcased most recently on the As Seen On podcast by Grace Day. Thanks Joel, Tessa Faye Talent and team for this wild adventure. Enjoy the Ride!

The Lynn Lady is the next chapter in the Salem's Ghosts series, which began with a feature-length release in October, 2020.

You don't need to listen to the feature before checking out The Lynn Lady. They are completely different storylines, not connected thematically in any way. But if you'd like to check it out, you can find it here.


Audience Response to Salem's Ghosts - A Salem Witch Trials Paranormal Audio Drama


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