The Hawthorne Hotel

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The Hawthorne Hotel went into construction in 1924 and was completed on July 23rd, 1925. The hotel was an instant success and would go on to house several organizations dedicated to things like dancing, nautical life, and many more.


Several people of note have associated with the hotel throughout its near century-long history. These include the likes of President Bill Clinton, Robert De Niro, and the cast of television’s Bewitched, which shot an entire series in Salem in 1970 and features a now-iconic scene shot in The Hawthorne Hotel’s elevator. In 2015, Historic Hotels of America named The Hawthorne Hotel the “Best City Center Historic Hotel” in America.


The Ghosts of The Hawthorne


There’s also a bit of haunted history at the Hawthorne Hotel. The building was, after all, named for famed Salem author Nathaniel Hawthorne. This renowned storyteller was a descendent of Judge John Hathorne, also known as “The Witch Hanging Judge” of the Salem Witch Trials. So it’s no surprise, perhaps that there’s spooky-ooky energy in the building. Tables reportedly move on their own. Rumor has it, there is also marked paranormal activity in rooms 325 and 612. Both of these rooms have had reports about noises coming from the adjacent rooms when no visitors are present.



Your Stay at the Hawthorne Hotel


Regardless of the spectral visitors, The Hawthorne Hotel is a fantastic place to stay in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s one of the few centrally-located hotels in downtown Salem. It’s near pretty much everything you’d like to do in town, including several restaurants, attractions, museums, and shopping destinations. There’s also a costume ball held there every Halloween if that’s your thing. If you’d like to stay at the Hawthorne, you can expect to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $150 to $250 per night, depending on the time of year of your stay. It typically has 4-5 star reviews on TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Find out more about The Hawthorne Hotel here.


18 Washington Square West
Salem, MA

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