Artemisia Botanicals

Artemisia Botanicals

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Salem's widest variety of herbs can be found at Artemisia Botanicals. Watch this video to find all the info on the store's history, tarot readings, reviews and more.

History of Artemisia Botanicals

Established as a local herbs retailer in 1997, this store strives to provide Salem's community with a massive selection of healing solutions. Unlike some other Salem new age and witch supply shops, Artemisia promotes natural and organic products. So if you're at all interested in energetic integrity, this is a great place to supply your altar.

In addition to the absolutely incredible herb selection, they also offer amazing herbal blends, both for ingestion and magickal use.


What's Inside?

All told, the store offers over 400 varieties of herbs and 100 teas. In addition to their herbal supplies, Artemisia Botanicals sells other olfactory delights like handmade goat's milk soap. You'll also find the usual set of witch supplies like containers, oils and candles, wands, drums and spell books.

Also unlike some other Salem shops, Artemisia Botanicals offers a particularly robust online store, so you can access all of their wares at any time.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Artemisia is the atmosphere itself. This is no dark, stuffy witch shop. Instead, the store is bright, clean, and airy. It's a very nice addition to the Salem landscape for this reason.

The staff is also incredibly friendly. I've leaned on their expertise nearly every time I've been in the store and I've never been disappointed.


Tarot Readings at Artemisia Botanicals

The divination you'll experience at Artemisia is unlike any other in Salem. Not only can you get a tarot reading, but there are two other types of readings that are unique to this store and Salem itself.

In addition to the tarot reading, you may also choose to receive a tea leaf or lace reading at Artemisia Botanicals. The tea leaf readings are very well reviewed. so be sure to give this on a look next time you're in Salem.


My Review of Artemisia Botanicals

Artemisia Botanicals is among the particularly well-reviewed Salem witch supply shops. While I've never personally had a reading there, plenty of people who have tout the greatness of them - especially the tea leaf reading.

What I can say for sure is that Artemisia is one of the stores in Salem that I order products from year-round. Even when I'm not in Salem, I'm constantly tweaking the herbs and teas in my cart. These orders always arrive promptly and in fantastic condition.

Also, the friendliness and knowledge of the staff cannot be understated. All of the elements listed here (and others) make Artemisia Botanicals one of the very few Salem stores that transcends the realm of tourist destination. Locals and visitors enjoy this place alike all year long.

If it wasn't obvious already, I highly recommend giving this place a go, no matter who you are. If you're in Salem, chances are, you'll love it. And if you're looking for ethically-sourced, organic supplies for your spiritual endeavors, you can't go wrong here either.


Hours of Operation

You can stop by every day, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Pyramid Books Salem

Pyramid Books Salem

Pyramid Books in Salem Massachusetts is a bit of an odd duck as New Age shops go. But, beneath its somewhat random flow, there might just be something worth checking out. Let's dive into my thoughts on Pyramid Books Salem.


Why You Hatin'?

Ok, my intro there may have been a little harsh. But one can't deny that the whole vibe of Pyramid Books Salem is a little odd. Compare it to other Salem shops and the dissonance becomes especially pronounced. That's because there are other witch shops in Salem that do such a fine job of relating to their branding.



Let's have a look at Hex and its sister store Omen, for example. When you see the sign for Hex from Essex St. you know exactly what you're in for. It's dark, it's spooky, it knows what it is. Likewise, Omen is a little less obvious from the shop's name, but once you enter, you're bathed in a see of white, healing light and everything becomes clear.

Now I have major issues with both of these shops, but one thing they do have going for them is they know who they are. And they organize their layouts, branding, and merchandise to reflect that. I can't really say the same for Pyramid Books Salem. Is it Egyptian-themed? Not especially. How about conspiratorial, Illuminati, OTO or something in that vein? Nope. It's not really much of anything clearly Pyramid-esque and in a town like Salem, that's a bit of an issue.



But Wait, There's Books!

For my money, the thing Pyramid Books Salem definitely has going for it is the sheer volume of its book collection. I'm not sure anyone else in Salem comes close to the number of titles on offer. Because the floor space is so massive, you're likely to find something relating to pretty much any topic of New Age thinking at Pyramid - at least moreso than other Salem shops.



The volume and variety extend off the bookshelves as well. They've got stones, tarot and oracle cards, incense, crystals, statues, idols, and so much more. Again, there's no rhyme or reason to it, but man is it varied.


Psychic and Tarot Readings at Pyramid Books Salem

In the spirit of 100% transparency, I've never had a reading at Pyramid Books Salem. The reason for this is pretty simple: it just doesn't look that appealing to me. Readings are conducted in little cubby-sized rooms that line the back wall. There's no flare to these spaces at all. It basically feels like you're getting a reading at the Psychic Faire. And, for me, environment is everything when it comes to things like this, so I've always opted for spaces that are decidedly more witchy.  

That said, we live in the age of the internet. And the reviews are definitely in for Pyramid Books. If you have a gander at their Facebook or tripadvisor pages, you'll find a lot of glowing reviews. Most of these are related to the shop, but the ones that do speak to psychic or tarot readings are generally stellar:

  • It was 30$/15min which is 5-10$less expensive than the others and they weren't pushing it on the tourists at all. I had a fifteen minute reading with Doug and I honestly will say it was the highlight of my trip. 
  • I've had a couple readings here before - both really accurate and one was okay. It just depends on the person and your 'chemistry' with them.
  • Absolutely love Pyramid Books! Beverly Anderson is beyond talented...highly recommend getting a reading with her! 

With the exception of a few, these are the kinds of reviews Pyramid has in the way of readings.



Final Thoughts

So, should you check out Pyramid Books Salem? My answer is a resounding YES! Really, my only criticism is the randomness of the merchandise and not-so-great divination spaces. And these are both super minor when you compare them to issues with other Salem witch shops. The randomness you could even say is a draw if the overt theming of other stores gets under your skin (which I 100% empathize with). All in all, Pyramid Books is Salem's rare gem and one that's often erroneously overlooked in the Salem New Age Shop discussion.

Pyramid Books
214 Derby St, Salem, MA 01970
Hours: 11am - 7pm Mon-Sat.; 11am-6pm Sun; Halloween or Autumn times may vary
(978) 745 - 7171


Omen Salem Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

Omen Salem MA Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium


If you’re looking for a Salem tarot card reading, you might want to give Omen Salem Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium a look. You could also take this little quiz to find out the perfect spot for you.






Like many witch shops in Salem, Omen offers a wide variety of new age items. Inside you’ll find candles, incense, stones, tarot cards, and a nice selection of books.




The staff expanded the book selection in 2018 and it now rivals the volume of pretty much any other in Salem – except for Pyramid Books’.



Tarot and Psychic Readings

Omen features a shifting variety of divinatory experiences. I’ve personally had both a Rider-Waite-Smith and Thoth deck tarot reading there. And out of those, David Newman’s Thoth reading was one of the more interesting and rewarding I’ve had in the Witch City. Depending on the staff and time of the year you visit, you might also be able to get palm readings, séances runes, and more.



Review of Omen

A little background information is unfortunately necessary to understand my feelings on this store. Omen is the sister store of Hex, also in Salem. Hex was founded by a guy named Christian Day, along with a few friends. Like Hex, style is most definitely prioritized over substance here. If you are new to the world of witchcraft or new age thought, Omen is a great spot for you to see what it’s all about. If you’re more seasoned, you’ll likely find the overall branding and tone to be a tad on the nose.




I still stop in frequently myself and appreciate the definitive branding at Omen. But I can’t help but wonder where they source their materials. How much of their visible beliefs are authentic? And to what degree is the entire experience is a blatant money-grab? Then again, I find myself having that inner dialogue a lot in Salem, so why should Omen be any different?



Omen Information:

184 Essex St. Salem, Massachusetts 01970

(978) 666-0763


Hours: 11AM – 7PM everyday, but hours are likely changed around Halloween.


Salem Tarot Card Reading - Where Do I Go?


Salem Tarot Card Reading - Where Do I Go?


If you've been looking for the perfect place to get your Salem tarot reading, you've come to the right place! I've put together a brief quiz that will point you in the direction that YOU should go to get your tarot Salem reading. After the quiz, continue reading to learn a bit about each selection included and follow the links for even more info!



Take the quiz externally here!


Continue reading to learn a little about each place featured in this Salem tarot reading quiz.



SalemTarot Reading Locations and Reviews


Omen: Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium

Omen is one of the more tourist-friendly shops in Salem. This light-sided sister store of Hex has a decent variety and knowledgeable staff. In 2018, the shop owners renovated the floor plan substantially. These days, the book selection and shopping areas follow a much more open, spacious layout. Here you can enjoy a few different types of readings as well as readings with different styles of tarot decks. Omen is a great choice of the tarot Salem tourist as it's centrally-located and very commercially approachable.


Omen Tarot Reading Reviews

There are a few readers at Omen and, as always, your experience will vary wildly based on the reader. The positive reviews at Omen center on the accuracy and warmth of the readers. Shallmar is especially well-regarded among the readers, but there are certainly others with stellar reputations as well. As of this writing, there are fewer than ten (three to be exact) less than average quality reviews for the tarot readings at Omen. There are over one hundred reviews total. So, somewhere between 2%-5% of people who get a tarot reading at Omen Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium have anything negative to say about it. This is definitely one to check out!



Hex Old World Witchery

Hex Old World Witchery is the sister store to Omen. This one is the darker of the two and it's highly commercial and approachable. These aspects make Hex the perfect stop for the SalemTarot visitor who's interested in the heavier side of the occult. The readings and mediums here reflect that tone nicely as well. The reading space at Hex is in the front window of the store. So, before you purchase a reading here, know that you will be viewable by the foot traffic on the street outside.


Hex Tarot Reading Reviews

There aren't nearly as many reviews for the tarot readings at Hex as other places in Salem. But of the forty or so, as of this writing, there is only one review marking the readings as anything other than excellent. So, while it doesn't have nearly the same volume as Omen, its overall rating is pretty much the same. Leanne is definitely the reader to see if you can. Before you go, check her and the other founders of Hex out in this sweet television series.


The Dish Network's Magnificent Obsessions offered up this fun, magical, tongue-in-cheek expose into Salem's Witches, featuring Christian Day, Leanne Marrama, Strega Lori Bruno and a coven of modern magical practitioners.


The Coven's Cottage

Coven's Cottage is, surprisingly, the only Salem witch shop that really leans into the Celtic, Druidic, and Norse aesthetic. Following a renovation in 2018, the store space has expanded, but the tarot reading area remains the same. Coven's Cottage also renovated in 2019. Here, you can enjoy your reading in a quiet, curtained area. The store's selection is small, but thematically specific and highly curated, which makes it an absolutely wonderful environment in which to receive a reading.



The Coven's Cottage Tarot Reading Reviews

The reviews from reader Debra are absolutely astounding. This is actually one of the SalemTarot readers that I have personal experience with. And I can tell you that getting a reading at Coven's Cottage is perfect for Wiccans or other earth-centered Pagans as the environment itself really heightens the experience. I easily slipped into the mood and tone of the place. This, mixed with the reader's skill and focus, led to a very authentic, honest reading that I considered long afterwords.


Crow Haven Corner

Crow Haven Corner is perhaps the most authentic witch store in Salem Massachusetts. This one has ties to the original witch boom in Salem, which led to the Pagan friendliness of today's Salem. It's New England architecture and overall aesthetic are the perfect accompaniment to your tarot reading. Unlike other parlors in tarot Salem, this reading also takes place in an isolated environment. So you can feel free to feel anything that comes up during your reading without being on-display to every single Salem tourist.



Enchanted of Salem

Enchanted is a nice shop down on Pickering Wharf that has deep ties to the Salem Witchcraft community. Additionally, the selection offered in the shopping area is varied and some items very much have that "made at home" feel that's honestly hard to come by these days in Salem. The reviews of the readings here are pretty positive. Trust that here a practicing Pagan will conduct your reading. This person will have, in some instances, generations of knowledge upon which they draw.



Pyramid Books

Pyramid Books is the largest tarot card reading Salem store featured in this quiz. So if you're into shopping, you really can't go wrong here. It's also on the wharf and has a rotating list of psychics and mediums available for your private tarot reading. Pyramid's readings take place in a private area and, in general, they are well-reviewed. Additionally, the store is right on the wharf. So, when you're finished with your reading, jump out of the store, head to Jaho Coffee, and digest everything you were just told about your future.



New England Magic

New England Magic is centrally-located. The store features tourist-oriented merchandise, which includes a pretty decent collection of books, trinkets, and more. There are a few different readings to check out at New England Magic too so have a go at them all!


Salem Free Tarot Reading

Here's a question I get a lot, "Can I get a free Salem tarot reading?" Short answer, probably not. Longer answer, maybe. While, as far as I'm aware, none of the witch shops offer a Salem tarot free reading year-round, you can occasionally catch one around Halloween. How?

Well the psychic fair comes to town in the autumn, which means Salem is positively bursting with tarot readers. And that's in addition to the flock of pagans that come to town on Halloween to celebrate their year ending and the next dawning. So what I'm saying is, if you really want a free Salem tarot reading, go hang out in Gulu Gulu Cafe or Rockafella's bar or any number of places people chill. Eventually, you'll probably see a deck or two come out. Then walk right up and ask for that much-coveted free tarot reading Salem! And check out the psychic fair too if it's happening. You never know what a travelling mystic might offer you.


Locations to be added soon to the Salem tarot reading quiz: Angelica of the Angels, Artemisia Botanicals, Bewitched in Salem, The Magic Parlor, and The Cauldron Black