Does the Salem Dispensary Sell to Tourists?

Does the Salem Dispensary Sell to Tourists?


What’s up witches! The biggest tourist season for Salem is upon us and that means throngs of tourists are flooding into the streets of The Witch City. But, ghosts and witches aren’t the only things to do in Salem Massachusetts. You may have heard that Massachusetts has a very progressive view on marijuana legalization, but here’s the question: can you buy marijuana as a tourist at a Salem dispensary this Halloween?


I know this is an issue near and dear to my heart, so I whipped out my grinder, grabbed my lighter, and dug in for the answers. My research has been vetted by some of Salem’s licensed sellers, so you can trust this is THE place for accurate marijuana information. Alright, enough build up, here are the questions and answers you care about.




Is there a marijuana dispensary in Salem, Massachusetts?

Yes! Not only is there a very fine dispensary, but it sells both recreational and medical marijuana.


Can I buy recreational marijuana in Salem Massachusetts?

You sure can! You can check out the dispensary’s inventory on their website, this includes pricing. Here’s what you need to know before heading to the shop:

  1. Salem’s breakout dispensary is Alternative Therapies Group.
  2. They are located at 50 Grove Street Salem, Massachusetts 01970. This is about a ten minute drive or 25 minute walk west (heading past the Witch House coming from downtown) from the main Essex St. drag in Salem.
  3. You’ll need a valid State ID (any US state will do) showing that you are over 21 years of age to purchase recreational marijuana from ATG.
  4. You’re allowed to make a single purchase per day.
  5. You can purchase up to one ounce of marijuana flower per visit, this is the state limitation.


How does medical marijuana work in Salem?

If you have a Massachusetts state medical card, you’re good to go. Unfortunately, if you have a medical card from another state, you won’t be able to use it to purchase medical cannabis.


Are there any Halloween products for sale?

Alright, so maybe I’m the only one asking this question, but the answer is yes! The shop has some gorgeous pumpkin-shaped glass pipes for sale during the 2019 Halloween season, courtesy of Salem’s Witch Dr.



Bunghole Liquors

Bunghole Liquors


Everything you need to know about Bunghole Liquors! Let's kick things off with a short, introductory video. The video below is part of the  the Salem Spotlight series in which I fill you in on everything you need to know about attractions, restaurants, hotels, witch shops, tours, and a bunch of other locations in Salem, Massachusetts. Today we're having a look at Bunghole Liquors. Keep scrolling past the video for much more information about Bunghole Liquors.


Welcome to the Salem Spotlight, a series in which I tell you everything you need to know about attractions, restaurants, hotels, witch shops, tours, and a bunch of other locations in Salem, Massachusetts all in a minute! Today we're having a look at Bunghole Liquors. More Info on Bunghole Liquors Hours of Operation Monday – Saturday: 9am – 11 pm Sunday: 10am – 10pm Location The store is rather advantageously positioned near Derby Wharf between the Salem Waterfront Hotel and the House of the Seven Gables. Bunghole also opened a sister store in the “Tanner City,” Peabody, MA in 1995. Address: 204 Derby St, Salem, Massachusetts Music used in the video: Check out all the Salem Spotlight Videos: Find way more about all things Salem at Support ToSalem on Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Crazy History of Bunghole Liquors

During the Prohibition-era, Americans would often go to extreme lengths to get their hands on heavily restricted alcohol. In Salem, a funeral home by the wharf even went so far as to serve liquor out of its basement. Frequent visitors to the parlor began referring to it as, "The Bunghole." This term was likely a bit cheeky in its intent. The bunghole is a the little, corked hole on the side of a liquor barrel. Its used to provide easy visibility to the liquor inside, without having to open the entire barrel and potentially expose the fermentation to damaging light or materials.



But it also sounds pretty hilarious. I know if I was forced to drink in the basement of a funeral home, I'd want it to be called something hilarious too.

Speaking of drinking at the bunghole. It was just as gruesome as it appears to have been. There are multiple claims of Salem's residents getting sloshed literally right beside corpses. If that's not the most Salem thing I've ever heard, I'm not sure what is.

Due to either well-guarded secrecy or the inclination of Salem's policing officials to look the other way, the funeral home/liquor dungeon somehow held on through the entirety of the prohibition age. As Prohibition lifted in 1933, people began searching for places to drink in droves. Hence, in the same year, a liquor store emerged in the place of the funeral home.

Legend has it that the name came directly from a Polish priest who frequented the parlor every single day. He, like most of Salem's drinkers, had adopted the bunghole colloquial, years prior. And so, Bunghole Liquors was born.


What's Inside Bunghole Liquors?

The main store (in downtown Salem) offers with a wide variety of drinks, especially wine and beer. It also has an online store, where you can buy Bunghole merchandise. Unfortunately there's little these days that hearkens to the store's strange history. Legend has it, however, that the basement still contains the portholes where once corpses awaited their final internment. Bunghole is one of the several Salem locations that supposedly also contains access to the infamous tunnel system that runs beneath the city streets.



Most fascinatingly, the dark and macabre history of the store has led many Salem residents and visitors to claim the building is haunted. Rumor has it that there are two ghosts who frequent the store. The first is a woman, usually spotted along the wine racks. The second is the infamous black cat of Salem, which has also been spotted at the nearby House of the Seven Gables. You can learn more about those hauntings, as well as the paranormal history of four other Salem locations, in the video below.

Is Salem Massachusetts haunted by more than its past? In this paranormal look at Salem Massachusetts, I explore five places you can visit in the Witch City to find out! Get your EMF readers ready and your proton packs primed - we're getting spooky! You'll dive in the deep end with a thorough overview of Salem's haunted past with a once-over on a wide range of haunted Salem history from such eras as: The Salem Witch Trials, Prohibition, The Revolutionary War, Salem's Era of Maritime Trade, The Civil War, and more! Here are my selections! 00:01:07 Number 5 - Wicked Good Books 00:02:40 Number 4 - Bunghole Liquors 00:04:23 Number 3 - Mercy Tavern 00:07:04 Number 2 - The Gardner-Pingree House 00:12:44 Number 1 - The Hawthorne Hotel Please support the site and YouTube channel by subscribing to the channel and throwing your email on the newsletter at You can also support us financially by purchasing some of the books below! Supplementary Reading from this Episode: Ghosts of Salem: Haunts of the Witch City (Haunted America): The Ghost Chronicles: A Medium and a Paranormal Scientist Investigate 17 True Hauntings by Ron Kolek: Find way more about all things Salem at Support ToSalem on Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


Bunghole Liquors Sign

Bunghole Liquors in Salem Ma is perhaps best well-known outside of Salem for its sign. Why? Because it's hilarious. The entire brand is hilarious if I'm honest. That leads many people to share images of the sign on social media. Here's a photo of mine if you'd like to share it.



Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Saturday: 9am - 11 pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 10pm



Bunghole Liquors Salem Ma Address

The store is rather advantageously positioned. You'll find it near Derby Wharf between the Salem Waterfront Hotel and the House of the Seven Gables. If you're visiting the Witch City, chances are you'll run right into Bunghole without even trying to. Bunghole isn't the only liquor store in downtown Salem. But it is the only one on the wharf.

Address: 204 Derby St, Salem, Massachusetts


Bunghole Liquors Peabody Ma

Bunghole also opened a sister store in the "Tanner City," Peabody, MA in 1995. Its address is 79 Lowell St, Peabody, MA 01960